EXTRAORDINARY cram session!

The Gilleand Brothers will convene Sunday, January 7th, 2007 through Monday, Jan. 8th to devote themselves to a cram-work session on their upcoming movie “EXTRAORDINARY”.

The two-day event will comprise of 7 work sessions where the brothers will dedicate over 9 hours of work to the almost completed project as it enters its third year of production. The movies video track is complete, the brothers are now just working on audio elements including sound effects and voice-overs. The audio track is approximately 75% completed.

The occasion will also include a break where the GBs will film the fourth installment of ‘The Continuing Story of Stewart A. Pehd’. The cram session will be broadcast live via Yahoo Webcam including a special live chat during the 7 p.m. work session. Stay tuned to this site for more info on accessing that special live chat as the event nears. And if you do miss out on the experience, the GBs will be filming special behind-the-scenes footage the entire time, and will release a new webdoc viceo later that week.

We look forward to this exciting event and for a large amount of progress to happen on the movie. Hang in there with us, and stay tuned!


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