Billie Jean…

Now, this one I AM proud of – this rocks. I get asked all the time if I still do this… my answer is “I can do it”. LOL. This is from 1995, 12 years ago!! Man, I’m old. But this is the most coveted performance – everyone wanted me to do this song everytime, so it became the one I did the most. Check it out….


Hey, it's Tim. I am 27. I live in Northern Indiana with my wife of 5 years Marcy, and our 3-year-old son Michael. I work for the public library system, but my real passion is in my creations. TMG Productions is a home-based audio/video/internet studio I began in the early 90's to facilitate, market, and produce all my creations - from my original music, to my own movies, and internet pages. Thanks for visiting the site, and checking out what we have to offer.

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