2011 Year-in-Review

This has been a slower year for TMG Productions projects-wise due to Tim going back to school at Liberty University Online full time working towards his masters degree in professional counseling.  Tim has completed 10 classes this year maintaining a 3.2 GPA.  He has 12 more classes plus an internship to complete before he graduates. 

Despite the time commitment that school brought, TMG Productions released its first worldwide commercial release Unity’s debut full-length CD ‘What You Choose to Follow’.  Tim and his wife Marcy formed their music ministry Unity in 2009 and worked 3 years on this project.  The CD is available for purchase through iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, and other digital retailers as well as physical copies at live Unity concerts.   The CD is a unique experience that chronologically lays out the 12-steps that each Christian experience in their walk with God, starting with the latest single and music video “Parable of the Seeds”.  Unity performed 8 shows this year in support of the project.

Inspired by a family trip to the Creation Museum and the Answers in Genesis ministry, in July TMG Productions launched a new blog called ‘Grace With Salt’.  We have formed this ministry to combat modern secularist tendencies to pull people (often times including Christians) away from the accurate original Biblical message.  The blog discusses hot topics ranging from creation vs. evolution, homosexuality, abortion, modern politics, the supposed separation of church and state, often-cited inaccuracies in the Scriptures, end times, and much more.  The blog has amassed over 4000 hits in less than six months and unending discussion on the popular site reddit.

The Gilleand Brothers reunited this summer to film a new full-length mockumentary “Buck and Drake III: Buck to the Future”.  This is a sequel to their 2010 Buck and Drake movie “The Search for Spooks”.  The GBs decided to film the third movie in the trilogy prior to the second due to budgeting and to fit the time-travel model better – a feat never before accomplished.  The movie is currently in post-production and will be released in 2012.  You can see the full trailer here.

GB,inc. was also involved in two smaller projects this year.  Tim’s oldest son Michael debuted his first short film “Monster in the Woods”, and the brothers created a new “Christmas Special” featuring several holiday-themed spoofs of their previous films.

Looking forward to 2012…  Expect a new extended short film-style music video from Unity to their song “Beauty for Ashley”.   Expect “Buck to the Future” to be released.   And of course, many more surprises to be announced!  Stay tuned.


Hey, it's Tim. I am 27. I live in Northern Indiana with my wife of 5 years Marcy, and our 3-year-old son Michael. I work for the public library system, but my real passion is in my creations. TMG Productions is a home-based audio/video/internet studio I began in the early 90's to facilitate, market, and produce all my creations - from my original music, to my own movies, and internet pages. Thanks for visiting the site, and checking out what we have to offer.

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