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Album announcement, track-list, production & band notes, CD release party & limited edition DVD

by Unity on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 10:44pm

by Timothy Michael






On Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 my wife Marcy and I will release our long-awaited debut full CD titled “WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO FOLLOW”.  We formed our current musical venture called UNITY in 2009 and have proceeded this album release with two singles/music videos “Believe” and “You Can’t Steal My Joy”, as well as several live performances at churches and festivals across the greater South Bend, IN area.


Prior to UNITY, Marcy and I performed together in the local worship band More Than Song as well as high school bands Driver Paul and Fearless Leaders.  Marcy and I met in 1994 during a community theater musical production of “A Christmas Carol”.  We married in 2001, and have had three children: a 7yr old boy, a 2yr old girl, & a 6-month boy.  We have both been writing, recording, and performing music since we were young, but have just recently decided, with God’s blessing, to truly pool our talents into what we call UNITY.


We will mark the CD release with another single/music video called “Parable of the Seeds” as well as an all-out CD release party at Sonlight Fellowship Wesleyan Church in South Bend where I am the worship leader.


Here is the full track list of the CD “WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO FOLLOW”:


  1. Parable of the Seeds
  2. Pride
  3. Beauty for Ashley
  4. Just Because
  5. believe intro 
  6. Believe
  7. Don’t Give Up On Her
  8. You Can’t Steal My Joy
  9. Oh Well
  10. Everything
  11. joy reprise
  12. Me and My House

The CD will be available at all major digital download sites including itunes on Tuesday, May 17th and available in physical CD form at our live concerts this summer starting at the CD release party on Sunday May 15th.


May 17th marks an important historical maker in the personal history of UNITY.  Marcy and I pinpoint Friday, May 17th, 1996 as the date we started over in our relationship.  We had spent several months apart and reunited on this date during a school concert and decided to continue on.  And as they say, the rest is history!  That is the date yearly that we launch UNITY’s public side.  With family and home responsibilities such a large part of our lives, we only devote the summer months to performing live and promoting the music.  We spend the colder months indoors with our family while crafting new music and projects.





I am overly excited for this CD.  And I’m sure every artist in the history of music has said the same thing about their next CD.  But those who know me know I have been writing, recording, and producing music for over 20 years.  I’ve produced over 20 CDs worth of material, and I have never heard or done anything of this quality before.  The previous two singles give you an idea of the direction of this CD.  Marcy is a perfectionist and doesn’t let me skimp on anything.  She doesn’t let anything pass by un-perfected.  In my previous experience I would hit that golden sweet spot maybe two or three tracks on each CD, but this one is literally in-the-pocket and flawless on every song!  I can’t wait to hear the full CD in order all the way through once completed.


I feel like this album is a conglomeration of everything I have been learning about producing music over the past 20 years.  Right now we are about at the half way point: all the background music is recorded and most of the vocals as well.  We will be going through a publishing/distribution process which allows us to get a barcode, distribution at all major download sites, and physical CD duplication/printing.  In the next couple months we will also be doing a new photo shoot for the album and music video shoot for “Parable of the Seeds”, the lead track on the CD.


The album, unplanned by us, has actually transformed into a concept album.  When Marcy and I sat back to look at the themes in the album to come up with a title, we quickly realized the story the songs were telling if put in a certain order.  The title of the CD is “What You Choose to Follow”.  We all follow something, whether God or money, or family, or jobs, or hobbies, etc.  The CD opens with “Parable of the Seeds”, the story of a seeker looking for more to their life.  With the line ‘Sitting in my garage is making me a car’, Marcy infers that just going to church does not make us a Christian.  The story continues on through songs like “Pride” which explore inner sin issues and the declaration of faith in “Believe”.  The CD ends with a song I wrote in 2003 that has followed me since then and brings this whole story together.  It comes from my favorite verse in Joshua 24, that says ‘Choose for yourself this day who you will follow… but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.’





We are very excited about sharing this project with you, and can’t wait for you to hear it.  We will be having our CD release party at my church Sonlight Fellowship Wesleyan Church on South Michigan Street on Sunday May 15th at 7 p.m.  We would very much appreciate your support, whether you are part of our family, a friend, or a fan – if you’ve ever supported us for anything, we want it to be this.  We want to make this event huge, and will definitely need your help.  This is the first place our CDs will be available for sale for a special discounted price.  The event is free, but please consider buying a CD to support our ministry.  AND everyone who RSVPs on our Facebook event page will get a free limited edition UNITY DVD with our three music videos and other bonuses!  We will be performing every song on the CD live that evening as well.  If you have never seen a UNITY concert, you will not regret coming.  There is literally something for everyone in our shows.  With my background in video production, we utilize a video screen to help tell our stories; we lead a time of worship, as well as throw in other little surprises and fun moments to make our show a true multimedia production.


We believe it is important to represent a healthy husband/wife marriage relationship in this hurting world that is constantly attacking the institution of marriage.  We hope to be light in the darkness, and we know that God has ordained this project in the right time.  We ask that you will join with us to pray for our ministry, with a skyrocketing rate of divorce, we would like the positive side of marriage to get noticed.


UNITY is Marcy and I, and will always be, whether we are making music or not.  UNITY reaches beyond a band, or a band name to a concept that our Christian world needs right now.  We hear a lot about the left and the right needing to work together.  What about the different denominations working together?  Anyone who knows us knows that we are the embodiment of that idea.


Although UNITY is Marcy and I, we will continue to grow our band over the coming years.  We are in talks with Scott Hipsher, our former bandmate from More Than Song to come on board with keys this year and hope to add a drummer and bassist in subsequent years.


We’ll keep you updated on all things UNITY.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more.  Thanks!!


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