2010 Year-in-Review

2010 was another landmark year for TMG Productions.  On April 28th, TMG Productions ventured back into the concert promotion department and  sponsored a full-fledged tour stop of Superchick’s Alive Tour featuring John Reuben, Bread of Stone, and Luminate at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana.  TMG has previously promoted shows by Phil Joel (newsboys) and Supertones.  Opening act on the Phil Joel tour was unknown 16-year-old Katy Hudson, who later went on to be known as Katy Perry!  

In May, the GBs released their first full-length film since 2006’s “Extraordinary”, a mockumentary looking at ghost hunters in the Michiana area called “Buck and Drake: The Search for Spooks.”  The film followed two ghost-hunting friends on a day-long tour of actual haunted locations in the area.  Including a cameo from the actual Indiana Paranormal Society, the film premiered at the downtown South Bend library, and is available for purchase at the official TMG Shop.  The GBs are planning a sequel for 2011. 

Also in May, Tim & Marcy as UNITY unveiled the music video for the song “You Can’t Steal My Joy”, the second single from a forthcoming full-length CD coming May of 2011.   

On June 30th, the Gilleand Brothers reunited for their first short film in several years, an all-original suspenseful piece called “Comatose”, the brothers went on to screen this short at two area film festivals this year with more screenings planned for next year. 

In August, Tim & Marcy welcomed their third child Elijah into the world weighing 7lb 12oz. 

In September, the GBs unveiled a secret project they had been working on for a couple years.  Explore the White House is a full 3D computer-generated rendering of the most famous house in the land.  Created with the concept of using it for educational materials such as a CD-Rom, interactive DVD tour, and more.  The website unveiled several screenshots of development. 

Also in September, Tim virtually reunited his high school alternative band Driver Paul online through Facebook.  The new fan page reunited members, friends, and fans to peruse old pictures and video as well as three recently completed unreleased recordings.  Tim took three lost unfinished studio recordings, added new vocals and instruments to create a true virtual reunion. 

To round out the year, and celebrate the holiday – Tim, Marcy, and fam re-released their previous two Christmas CDs as well as a brand new “Christmas 2010” CD online for all their family, friends, and fans to enjoy.  The album included the new song for their son “Elijah”, as well two new originals from Marcy and Michael’s rendition of “All I Want for Christmas”. 

As 2010 comes to a close, we here at TMG Productions continue to be thankful for the talents we are able to share with you.  We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Hey, it's Tim. I am 27. I live in Northern Indiana with my wife of 5 years Marcy, and our 3-year-old son Michael. I work for the public library system, but my real passion is in my creations. TMG Productions is a home-based audio/video/internet studio I began in the early 90's to facilitate, market, and produce all my creations - from my original music, to my own movies, and internet pages. Thanks for visiting the site, and checking out what we have to offer.

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