Tim’s thoughts on MJ’s “Breaking News”


I’ve been mulling over my thoughts regarding the “new” Michael Jackson song ‘Breaking News’ and forthcoming posthumous album ‘Michael’.  Its widely accepted amongst the MJ fan community that the vocals on ‘Breaking News’ is not 100% Michael Jackson.  To the normal consumer this sounds and feels like an authentic Michael Jackson track.  Upon further and closer review it becomes apparent that a good portion of the lead vocal appears to that of a very good impersonator.   

As a long-time fan and impersonator myself for over fifteen years, I believe this song was written by Michael Jackson, that MJ worked with the Cascios on the music production, and that he did lay down an unfinished guide vocal that has since been remixed, processed, and re-edited.  I believe they were forced to find another vocalist to finish and fill-out the lead vocals.  I also believe they sampled background nuances from previous recordings. 

So, what does this mean for the state of the “Michael’ album?  Do I support it?  It’s a hard question.  I want to support it, and I want to be excited about it, and I am – to a point.  Even the few songs that appear to have been altered by additional vocals are still MJ songs and I want to hear them, I just wish Sony would be forthcoming on the details behind it.  Although the songs are still very good, it does taint the iconic MJ image by saying its 100% him when its obviously not.  There is definitely a problem when his family and the majority of his fans don’t recognize him on it.  And now there’s leaks of other songs from the album that upon one quick listen are definitely Michael.  The fans know the difference.  

I will still purchase this album, and will more than likely still enjoy most of it because when it comes down to it Michael Jackson is gone.  We will never have another 100% perfect MJ production, and if this is as close as it will get… I’ll take it.


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