Timothy Michael creates “HIStory in the Making”

Out of the blue, Timothy Michael is releasing a new praise & worship project!

4 new recordings, 3 unreleased, 2 original demos, a remix, and 10 classic tracks from past albums make up the newest CD project from Timothy Michael called “HIStory in the Making”, a collection of 20 uplifting Christian praise and worship moments from throughout Tim’s career.  In 1995, Michael Jackson released his own “HIStory”, a double CD collection of hits and new songs – with Tim’s “HIStory”, he is modeling that approach including 10 worship songs, 5 originals, and 5 contemporary Christian hits; “HIStory” is truly HIS story – Tim’s and the one he follows!

Click the pic to see the full size CD cover, and click the first 4 songs below to hear the full versions of the brand-new recordings!
Music Video for the first single, “History” – coming soon!


  1. History  (new recording)
  2. Once Again  (new recording)
  3. Breathe / All I Want  (new recording)
  4. Amazing Grace  (new recording)
  5. All Things are Possible  (from The Sonlight Experience CD)
  6. The Worship Medley  (live from Timothy Michael Live CD)
  7. The One  (from More Than Song’s Worthy of Praise CD)
  8. God’s Amazing Grace  (from Vision CD)
  9. The Heart of Worship  (from The Heart of Worship CD)
  10. Prison of Fears  (original demo)
  11. We Needed Someone to be There  (original demo)
  12. More Like You  (remix)
  13. Lean on Me  (from More Than Song’s More Than Song CD)
  14. Sweet Mercies  (from Here I Am to Worship CD)
  15. We are Hungry  (from More Than Song’s From the Upper Crust CD)
  16. I Can Only Imagine (live from More Than Song’s Live at the Lighthouse CD)
  17. Your Love is Better Than Life  (from Going CD)
  18. Not to Us  (unreleased More Than Song live performance)
  19. In the Light  (unreleased w/ Marcy Elaine)
  20. History Maker  (unreleased)


Hey, it's Tim. I am 27. I live in Northern Indiana with my wife of 5 years Marcy, and our 3-year-old son Michael. I work for the public library system, but my real passion is in my creations. TMG Productions is a home-based audio/video/internet studio I began in the early 90's to facilitate, market, and produce all my creations - from my original music, to my own movies, and internet pages. Thanks for visiting the site, and checking out what we have to offer.

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