TMG Productions releases final HEROES vid to wrap season!


TMG Productions has just released the final music video to accompany this year’s season of HEROES. Due to the writer’s strike, the season was cut short, down to 11 episodes which conveniently wrapped up ‘Volume 2’ of the show. We have been creating music videos to go with each episode since the beginning of the episode, and for one week only we are allowing you to recap the entire season and watch ALL 11 videos!

  1. HEROES 02×01 music video “Collide” – Krystal Meyers
  2. HEROES 02×02 music video “Who Am I” – 38th Parallel
  3. HEROES 02×03 music video “Eclipse” – Pink Floyd
  4. HEROES 02×04 music video “Stand in the Rain” – Superchick
  5. HEROES 02×05 music video “Awakening” – Switchfoot
  6. HEROES 02×06 music video “You Found Me” – Kelly Clarkson
  7. HEROES 02×07 music video – BarlowGirl
  8. HEROES 02×08 music video – Billy Joel “Second Wind”
  9. HEROES 02×09 music video – Britney Spears “My Prerogative”
  10. HEROES 02×10 music video – Michael Jackson “Whatever Happen”
  11. HEROES 02×11 music video – newsboys “In Wonder”

UPDATE:   As of 12/11/07 all 11 HEROES videos have been viewed 3,040 times over the entire 11 weeks!  Thats an average of 40 views per day during the season!  The vids will remain up for a little while longer…so catch em while ya can!


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