Pre-Pulse Party 2007

All are welcome as we come together to witness an adventure into what is coming for all believers in these last days.

Cloud Ten Pictures (producers of the Left Behind series) presents:
A sequence of four stories that take us through a realistic vision of the tribulation.

Beginning on a low budget “Apocalypse” (1998) tells the story of a lost people in chaos in the midst of
the rapture. On the heels of the first films overwhelming success came “Revelation” (1999), then
“Tribulation” (2000), and “Judgment” (2001). As the budgets grew, so did the star power yielding such
actors as Jeff Fahey, Carol Alt, Gary Busey, Margot Kidder, Howie Mandel, Corbin Bernsen, and Mr. T.

Over the course of that weekend in August, we will see extended clips from each film, as well as discuss
and dissect the possibilities and theories developing in each story. In addition to the films we will also
have a great time of fellowship with each other through praise & worship, scripture, prayer,
lessons, food, and of course – The WORLD PULSE FESTIVAL 2007 featuring
Krystal Meyers, Superchic[k], Sanctus Real, Kutless, Third Day, and Michael W. Smith!




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