GB “EXTRAORDINARY” Global Release announcement!


TMG Productions is proud to announce the final global release date for the much anticipated Gilleand Brothers original action/drama movie “EXTRAORDINARY” – Saturday, August 4th, 2007!

The GBs have been working on this movie for the past two and a half years (since Dec.04). The film is about two friends who parted ways many years ago, but are reunited through unique circumstances involving repressed memories about their past which they must unravel to battle a looming evil. The film stars the brothers as well as other family members and friends. It was written and edited by oldest brother Tim (28). The special effects and 5.1 surround sound editing was done by middle brother Andy (20). The fight choreography and DVD artwork was done by youngest bro David (19).

The movie will premiere at the main downtown South Bend branch of the St. Joseph Country Public Library in their downstairs Colfax Auditorium on Saturday, August 4th, 2007 at 2 p.m. Cast & Crew, their family and friends, as well as members of the media and other fans will be attendance.

August 4th will also mark the global release date via The film contains copyrighted music and other material and therefore will not be made commercially available, but is meant to serve as a look into the GBs creative force. The film will be available online at midnight on the 4th.

For those wishing to keepsake the full quality film, 2 DVD editions will be made available via The Special Edition will include the full 1 hr. 2 min. 47 sec. film, as well as an audio commentary with the bros, and an hour and a half of behind the scenes material which takes you from Pre-Production through Post including outtakes. The Special Edition will also feature alternate scenes, bonus short films, trailers, and DVD-Rom material for over 3 hours and 30 minutes of material. A basic DVD edition will include the film, the trailer, and the 17-min. feature “Filming the Final Fight”.

The Gilleand Brothers are very excited about this release, and encourage you to visit for more info, trailers, other GB films, and behind-the-scenes look at this massive project! Also, stay tuned to that site in the coming weeks leading to the release for more exclusive videos released as we get closer to August 4th! See you all the premiere!


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