Gilleand Brothers release long-anticipated “Buck & Drake III” online

The Gilleand Brothers have just released their long-anticipated sequel to 2010’s “Buck and Drake: The Search for Spooks” (available online here).   The sequel is called “Buck and Drake III: Buck to the Future” (available now online here).  The sequel is actually the third part in the trilogy, but due to the nature of the story the GBs decided to record and release the third part before the second.  According to our information this is unique in the history of film!  The interesting thing is that from Drake’s perspective part 3 happens before part 2, but from Buck’s perspective 2 will happen before 3. You must watch the movie for this to make sense!  It’s very exciting.

In the future, Drake Campbell has gone missing. It is up to Buck to find him. Hopping in his convenient time machine, he travels into the past to collect past Drake to help with the search and rescue mission.

Will they find him? Only time can tell.