Gilleand Bros announce BUCK & DRAKE III


The Gilleand Brothers are currently in the pre-production stages of their next full-length feature, the follow-up on Buck and Drake: The Search for Spooks.  Entitled Buck and Drake III: Buck to the Future.

The third film in the franchise will be shot next month and edited shortly thereafter, and you can be sure to see it soon! Yes there was no second film, which doesn’t mean the second one will never be made, this is not the case.

They still plan to film the second film at some point, quite possibly in 2012. Though the second one requires a significant amount of funding in order to take place.  Also, the third film is about time travel, and what better way to make a film than to release the third before the second when it is about time travel?

A Sequel Through Time…

Over a long discussion, the Gilleand Brothers finally agreed on a plotline that would both work well on its own, and as a sequel to the second-currently unmade film.  Stay tuned for more information, as well as a description of the plot.