Tim, Marcy, & fam to re-release previous Christmas CDs and brand new one ONLINE!


In 2003, when Tim and Marcy’s first son Michael was born, they celebrated the birth by writing, recording, and dedicating a special song to him.  In 2008, when Tim and Marcy’s daughter Megan was born, they did another tribute for her.  They also accompanied each song with a corresponding Christmas CD release featuring contributions from each family member.

In August of  2010, Tim and Marcy welcomed their second son.  The family have just wrapped up recording a new beautiful tribute song for  ‘Elijah’.  They will also be releasing a new Christmas CD featuring touching contributions from Michael (6 yrs) and Megan (2 yrs), as well as two new original songs from Marcy, a sneak peak at the upcoming UNITY CD,  and much more.

To celebrate the impending release, TMG Productions has decided to re-release online the previous two CDs to lead up to the new release! 

On Saturday, November 27th, “Christmas 2003” will be available including the songs ‘Michael’, Marcy’s ‘Stressed Out’ / ‘Stressed Out Christmas’, and more.  Each song will be available for stream and/or download for a limited time.

The following Saturday, December 4th, “Christmas 2008” will become available including the songs ‘Megan’, Marcy’s original version of ‘Oh Well’ and Christmas version ‘Noel’, Michael’s ‘Jingle Bell Rock’, and more.

Then finally – the next Saturday, December 11th, exactly two weeks before, “Christmas 2010” will be released including the songs ‘Elijah’, Michael’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’, Megan’s ‘Moon Moon’ song, Tim’s take on an originally planned Unity song ‘United We Stand’, and more.

Corresponding with the December 11th release of “Christmas 2010” will be the tear-jerker music video release for “Elijah”, and Michael’s fun-loving “All I Want for Christmas”.

Watch http://

christmas.tmgproductions.net for these releases over the next few weeks.  Available now is a bonus track of Tim’s unreleased “Blue Christmas” including a music video time-lapse of Tim and Michael setting up their Christmas tree, and the lead track/video from their first Christmas CD “Michael”.  

Merry Christmas everyone from Tim, Marcy, Mike, Meg, and Eli!


I am thankful, first and foremost, for God.  The relationship I’ve built with the creator of the universe is the most important thing in my life.  I can’t even remotely imagine living life without the guidance and protection the Holy Spirit has afforded me.  A life without knowing Jesus seems meaningless to me.  I mean really, a few measly decades on this corrupted Earth does not sound like a significant existence to me.  I truly cannot understand Atheism.  If I’m wrong, so what.  If they’re wrong – oh dear.  The proof I’ve experienced with God is unbelievable and it wouldn’t do it justice to try to put it into words, but I will never waiver on my faith in Him; and for that I am truly eternally grateful!


I am thankful for my beautiful, talented, intelligent, inspirational wife Marcy.  She is my best friend and partner for the last 16 years!  She never ceases to amaze me.  She has led me spiritually and shaped me into the person I’ve become.  It is so incredible to sit back and watch her homeschool our children, the amount of work and effort she puts into that, as well as maintaining our house is just incredible!  She never stops, she’s always multitasking.  I do not have the patience to tackle half the challenges she faces everyday.  I am so proud of the woman she’s become, and I am honored to be with her everyday.


I am thankful for Michael, Megan, and Elijah, my incredible children.  Your world truly changes when you have kids.  Although challenging at times, the payoff is truly amazing.  To watch them grow and learn is inspirational.  One quick hug or tickle session can brighten any glum day.  Michael is my firstborn.  He is the builder, he is very creative – can make something out of anything.  Megan has inherited the musical talent.  She’s a singer and a dancer, and that smile is infectious.  Eli is our newest, a smiley happy baby who is growing fast.  We lost our first child Christina, which was a trying experience that still teaches us everyday.  I never imagined having this many kids, but its been a blast, a wild ride that really shapes character.


I am thankful for my family, those that I grew up with, and my new inherited family from Marcy’s side.  My Mom for raising me to know God.  My brothers Andy and David, for having people to relate to on my interests (movies, music, tv, games).  Even my Dad for unknowingly teaching me lessons on the kind of parent I did and did not want to be.  I’m thankful for my new family in Marcy’s side – her Mom and Dad, who have really taken us in and helped us along the ride.  It’s really great for us and especially for the kids to live next door to them in a real communal environment.  Marcy’s sisters Diana and Amanda and their families have been great for us and our kids too.


I am thankful for my church.  I am thankful to have the opportunity to use my talent in music to bless a congregation weekly, as well as my creativity to lead the teens during Sunday School.  I am thankful for truly caring people, especially Pastor Greg, Cheryl, and their family.  I am thankful to be able to gather together with other believers and sharpen each other, learn new things, and grow together.


I am thankful for friends past and present.  Friends who have played a role in my growing up:  Shane, Jeff, Christina, Randy, Rob, Jason, Tony, Lori, Adam, Terry, Angie, Scott, Nate, Christian, and so many more.  A special thanks to my best friend growing up Phil Bergner and his family, which really treated me like an adopted son.  Although many of you I don’t get a chance to see very often, at least through Facebook I’m able to keep up on what’s going on in your life.  I miss you all, and you’ve all played a significant part in my life.


I am thankful for my job.  I’ve been very blessed to always be taken care of financially.  We’re not well off by-far, but we’ve always been provided for.  I have a job that I don’t loathe waking up in the morning for.  It’s not a dream job, but it’s stable, its not minimum wage, and I’m good at it.  The job has allowed me to have medical insurance that I’m sure over the past few years has shelled out 100’s of thousands of dollars on our behalf! 

I am thankful for my talents. I have been blessed with talents in writing, recording, performing, and producing music.  I have taught myself piano, guitar, bass, singing, and writing music.  My dancing, my video production, my web-editing production, and even more than that just my overall creative mind.  I tend to have quite large-scale ideas, most of which have never seen the light of day, but several which have panned out.  I have written and recorded over 200 original songs on my own or with my high school band Driver Paul,  my worship band More Than Song, and now with my wife as Unity.  I have filmed numerous short films, music videos, and full-length movies with my brothers such as “The Matrix Revealed”, “Extraordinary”, and “Buck and Drake”.  I created a daily multimedia talk-show style program for the kids at Camp Ray Bird, which was utilized for years to come.  I have created several church programs such as The Heart of Worship (intro to praise & worship music at a traditional church), The Experience (an intense revival style worship program), and The Pre-Pulse Party (a weekend of activities to lead up to the annual World Pulse Festival).  I have also developed several youth study series including a Christian Music Artist Series, The Apocalypse Series, and an out-of-body Heaven/Hell series.  I  have also had the awesome opportunity to be the local promoter for several national Christian music tours including concerts for Phil Joel (newsboys), Supertones (farewell tour), Superchick, and opening act 16-year old Katy Hudson (later went on to be known as Katy Perry).  I have also had the opportunity to perform for several years to thousands of people with my dance impersonation of Michael Jackson. 

I find in this life it is very easy to focus on the negative and the things that are constantly working against us.  Several years ago I decided to change my prayers around from a list of need, wants, and complaints to a list similar to that above.  Since then I have really seen my life as very blessed.  I am truly a happy person living in a flawed world.  I would suggest everyone make a similar list in their own lives and remind yourself how truly blessed you have been.

Tim’s thoughts on MJ’s “Breaking News”


I’ve been mulling over my thoughts regarding the “new” Michael Jackson song ‘Breaking News’ and forthcoming posthumous album ‘Michael’.  Its widely accepted amongst the MJ fan community that the vocals on ‘Breaking News’ is not 100% Michael Jackson.  To the normal consumer this sounds and feels like an authentic Michael Jackson track.  Upon further and closer review it becomes apparent that a good portion of the lead vocal appears to that of a very good impersonator.   

As a long-time fan and impersonator myself for over fifteen years, I believe this song was written by Michael Jackson, that MJ worked with the Cascios on the music production, and that he did lay down an unfinished guide vocal that has since been remixed, processed, and re-edited.  I believe they were forced to find another vocalist to finish and fill-out the lead vocals.  I also believe they sampled background nuances from previous recordings. 

So, what does this mean for the state of the “Michael’ album?  Do I support it?  It’s a hard question.  I want to support it, and I want to be excited about it, and I am – to a point.  Even the few songs that appear to have been altered by additional vocals are still MJ songs and I want to hear them, I just wish Sony would be forthcoming on the details behind it.  Although the songs are still very good, it does taint the iconic MJ image by saying its 100% him when its obviously not.  There is definitely a problem when his family and the majority of his fans don’t recognize him on it.  And now there’s leaks of other songs from the album that upon one quick listen are definitely Michael.  The fans know the difference.  

I will still purchase this album, and will more than likely still enjoy most of it because when it comes down to it Michael Jackson is gone.  We will never have another 100% perfect MJ production, and if this is as close as it will get… I’ll take it.

Gilleand Brothers: “Extraordinary” Audio Play SAGA coming

After completion of the “Extraordinary: Special Edition” re-edited movie, the GBs will be producing an audio-only recording of their entire Extraordinary saga including the reading and performance of four books written by David Gilleand: “Extraordinary” (the original novelization), “Extraordinary: Obsession” (the sequel), “Extraordinary: The Forbidden Kingdom” (prequel), and “Extraordinary: 2012 Massacre” (final sequel).

Tim Gilleand will read the novels, and the brothers will act out their characters lines, set to new background music and sound effects to create the entire saga!  Coming in 2011.