Gilleand Bros. to revisit “Extraordinary” w/ a Special Edition

TMG Productions is pleased to announce a forthcoming ‘Special Edition’ release of The Gilleand Brothers full-length film “EXTRAORDINARY”.  Three years in the making, the original project was released in the fall of 2007.  So, why a new release three years later?  Tim had this to say: “Well, the original was a strong showing of our skills in storytelling, fx, and fight choreography, but what we lacked on was the soundtrack.  The music in the film was pulled from copyrighted music, and therefore the film was not marketable, in fact after a year it was pulled off of Youtube.  We would like the opportunity to re-market this film.” 

To do this the GBs are re-editing the film with royalty-free and original music and are also using this opportunity to add in some new tweaks.  The GBs will be recording new voice-overs for a previously deleted scene that will be re-incorporated into the movie, as well as filming a brand new scene that was originally in the script but never filmed.  The brothers will also be throwing new tidbits here and there throughout the film, as well as filming a new intro video, and those that stay through the end of the credits will get to see a new trailer for the long-lost Stew Pehd episode – SP:5.

Another interesting thing is, although all our current projects are being shot in HD, we will be filming the new bits for this in standard definition to match the quality and consistency of the original movie.  It will feel like a whole new movie, the soundtrack is truly half the movie.  It’s EXTRAORDINARY for a whole new generation… sorta.

Tim virtually reunites his High School band DRIVER PAUL online

Tim has created a new facebook fan page for his high school band DRIVER PAUL and released three new recordings.  The recording were originally made in 1998 in a studio, and since then forgotten about.  And now, in the style of the surviving Beatles finishing John Lennon’s songs on The Beatles Anthology, in 2010 Tim has dusted off the recordings, added new instrumentation and vocals and released them after 12 years!  Also available on the site is a rare rehearsal recording of John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero” sung by Adam Runnels, and Tim’s music video tribute “The Dead Man’s Word” as well as 27 long-forgotten photos of the band.  CHECK IT OUT HERE.02.jpg

Gilleand Bros. unveil secret White House project

In 2009, the Gilleand Brothers began a secret project to create an entire 3D computer-generated replication of the entire White House. 


 The idea was to create an educational CD-Rom and interactive DVD tour of the entire mansion, wings, and grounds.  At this point the project has moved from full replication of each room to basic room construction and are looking to outsource the detailing, or create a community of 3D modelers to work on making this project a success.  Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved in this project.   


Timothy Michael on FACEBOOK

Tim has started a facebook page to archive his solo music.From Tim:  “Hey all, I was digging through my archives and decided this would be a good place to collect my musical memories. I am currently only recording and performing with Marcy Nielsen Gilleand as our band Unity, but this is for my old school music. I will be updating the info here once in a while, and uploading old music/videos from time to time. I’ve got a lot in the vaults.”You can access the page HERE.