Announcing GB,inc.

Announcing the formation of GB,inc., a new parent company for Gilleand Brothers – Tim, Andy, and David.  The Gilleand Brothers are best known for their full-length movie “Extraordinary”, The “Stewart Pehd” short film series, and Matrix fan-film “The Matrix Revealed”.  Eldest brother, Tim Gilleand (29) will continue to operate TMG Productions focusing on audio/music and publicity/promotions.  Middle child, Andy Gilleand (22) will continue to run Foodeefunk Studios, concentrating on computer and visual graphic design.  Youngest sibling, David Gilleand (21) will carry on DWG Pictures focusing on still and video production.  As well as separate projects, the three sub-companies will be coming together under the umbrella of GB,inc. to work on several high profile business developments as well as continuing multimedia projects in the coming years.  Stay tuned to this site for developing information and exciting future announcements.