2008 Year-in-Review

Its that time again, time to look back on the year before us in TMG Productions history.

The year started off with an announcement of the 1st ever Gilleand Brothers Awards Show, and voting commenced.
Mid-January the GBs launched www.gilleandbros.com.
Towards the end of February the GBs released a special DVD – “The Matrix Revealed – Complete Collection” featuring the entire saga from the three original short films all the way through to a new remastered edit of the famous finale sequence.

We saw the return of Timothy Michael with his first CD project in over one year in April, as Tim released a new worship project “History in the Making” along with a new music video to his rendition of Matthew West’s ‘History’.

In May, the GBs had Stew Pehd return in his sixth episode

On June 8th, 2008 Tim and Marcy welcomed their second child Megan into the world.

On June 20th, the GBs finally released their long-awaited 1hr30min. special “Awards Show” which featured a new musical performance from Timothy Michael, a new short film ‘Dimension’, and a sneak peek at ‘Channel Surfing’.

The end of October saw the release of the first EP from Timothy Michael – ‘Offerings’, featuring the new original song “Everything”.

On Dec.3 the GBs released the final episode of the Stew Pehd series.  Episode 7, running almost 15 minutes was the crowing acheivement on a 3 year adventure.

We are looking forward to believing in unity in 2009.   (www.ibelieveinunity.com)  HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone from the TMG Productions family!

Gilleand Family releases “CHRISTMAS 2008” and “Megan” music video online!

The Gilleand Family has released a surprise CD: “CHRISTMAS 2008”.

The CD includes Marcy and I’s new song and dedication to our baby girl: “Megan”, the song also includes Mike and Megan.  The CD also includes two version of Marcy’s “Oh Well” – the original and the Christmas version “Noel”.  Also included is Mike’s first Christmas song, his rendition of “Jingle Bells”.  Other surprises are sprinkled throughout the CD as well.


http://www.mediafire.com/file/liyqbtngzb4/Christmas 2008.zip

WATCH the new “Megan” music video: