‘Dimension’ and ‘Channel Surfing’

The Gilleand Brothers have now made available their brand-new all-original short film “Dimension”, and “Channel Surfing” as stand-alone videos. Both were featured in ‘The Awards Show’, but are now available to view over and over!

And yes, it’s true – “Channel Surfing” is no more, what you see in this special extended trailer is all there will be to the project. Dave has talked about extending it into fan fiction, but the CG work turned out to be too much for a team of one artist. But props to Andy, this is high caliber looking stuff!!



GB Awards Show – FINALLY HERE!

TMG Productions is proud to release the highly-anticipated first-ever “GILLEAND BROTHERS AWARDS SHOW”. The show is 1hr. 35 min. and features 12 categories of awards presented by the WTMG characters, and features special moments including a new live performance by Timothy Michael, the brand-new never-before-seen short film ‘Dimension’, a lifetime achievement presentation for ‘The Matrix Revealed’, the unveiling of the official ‘Channel Surfing’ trailer, ‘Stew Pehd’ ep. 6, a performance by tobyMac, and much more! ENJOY… (we will be releasing ‘Dimension’ and the ‘Channel Surfing’ trailer as stand alone videos later this week).

GB Awards Show FINALLY coming!

The Gilleand Brothers will finally release their long-awaited and promised brand-new special “The GB Awards Show” within the next week. The 90-minute show features 12 award categories, a special performance by Timothy Michael, a new short film ‘Dimension’, and the unveiling of the ‘Channel Surfing’ trailer!