TMG Productions announces 1st ever Gilleand Brothers Awards Show!

Still going, more new GB news! TMG Productions is proud to announce the first ever “Gilleand Brothers Awards Show“!  Stay tuned in a few days as we will announce the nominees and allow you to vote for the winners complete with video highlights of each nominee.   The show will air sometime in January and will include a new GB short film, a performance by Timothy Michael, and the premiere of the full trailer for “Channel Surfing”!

GB Christmas Special short films – available seperatly online NOW

We have now released the 7 short films AND the “Channel Surfing” teaser online seperatly for those of you who would like to skip to your favorite episode without having to watch the whole special…

THE KRINGLE REVEALED”  based on “The Matrix Revealed”
WRONG SANTA” based on “Wrong Bird”
WINTER PARADISE” based on “Gangsta’s Paradise”
HUGE ELF” based on “Huge Woody”
BREADMAN CHRISTMAS” based on “Breadman”
IT’S AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE” based on “Extraordinary”

and the official teaser trailer for “Channel Surfing

The Gilleand Brothers Collection – Vol.1 DVD released!

TMG Productions is proud to announce the DVD release “THE GILLEAND BROTHERS COLLECTION – Volume 1“, a 6-hour single disc release including the re-releases of the complete movies “The Matrix Revealed” and “WTMG: The Movie“.  Also included is the only DVD release of the brand-new “Gilleand Brothers Christmas Special” and the “Stew Pehd” series.  The DVD also features highlights from “The Gilleand Brother Movies” and “Unlocking the Gilleand Vault“, a collection of the most popular GB short films.  Below is a complete track listing:



The Matrix Revealed  (1 hr. 7 min.)
WTMG: The Movie
  (1 hr. 34 min.)


excerpts from THE GILLEAND BROTHER MOVIES  (1 hr. 30 min.)

GB Movies intro, Huge Woody, Monster, Zorkhead, Gangstas Paradise, WTMG original short,
The World According to Me, The Breadman Trilogy, Extraordinary original short
Andyneezer Scrooge, Star Wars – Episode 1, Dr. Quinn:  A Little Box of Hair Color, US Movie outtakes


excerpts from UNLOCKING THE GILLEAND VAULT   (15 min.)
Tim’s Billie Jean  *  Sandstorm  *  I’m For You



The Gilleand Brothers Christmas Special  (45 min.), Revealed Reunion  (5 min.),
The Stewart A. Pehd Series  (40 min.), Extraordinary DVD Trailer  (3 min.)

GB Christmas Special – ONLINE

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present:

Over the next 44 minutes, WTMG will host the GBs in their first holiday special! The GBs will revisit some of their most popular films including “BREADMAN”, “THE MATRIX REVEALED”, and the “STEW PEHD” series. They will also revisit “EXTRAORDINARY” for the first time in an exclusive sequel short film, as well as debut the official teaser trailer for their upcoming project “CHANNEL SURFING”! Enjoy…

GB Christmas Special – trailer

Happy Merry Christmas Eve everyone. We just premiered the Gilleand Brothers Christmas Special yesterday and it is fantastic! It turned out WAY better than we expected. The special is expected to be available online within 24 hours, but for now – here is a little special sneak peek!

2007 Year-in-Review

2007 was yet another momentous year for TMG Productions, perhaps the biggest year yet!

The year kicked off with Timothy Michael releasing his newsboys cover album “GOING” including the single and music video to “Something Beautiful” directed by David Gilleand.  The album also included Tim’s original “More Than a Song” and a More Than Song live version of “I Am Free“.

Also in January, the Gilleand Brothers released the fourth installment in the Stewart A. Pehd series that they produced over a weekend cram session on the continuing work on their long-awaited full-length original action/drama movie “EXTRAORDINARY“, now in it’s second year of production.   Also a special 10-minute montage called “Meet the Gilleand Brothers” was released this month, a refresher course on the GB history!

In the beginning of February, David Gilleand made three classic Gilleand Brother DVDs available online!  The entire 3.5 hour DVD “THE GILLEAND BROTHER MOVIES“, a collection of over 25 of the greatest GB short films remastered –  “THE MATRIX REVEALED“, the full-length fan film movie – AND “WTMG: The Movie“, our full-length adaption of an original short film!

In March, MORE THAN SONG announced that it would be on a haitus until further notice due to the abrupt loss of their guitarist and drummer.  TMG Productions was then silent until May 9th when Timothy Michael released a new album online “THE WAY I AM“, a restrospective of his musical career including rare tracks.  The entire album is still available to stream online!  Tim had this to say about the project: “We’ve put together a mirage of rarities, outtakes, practices, live performances, never-before-released tracks, remixes, sound excerpts, and new recordings.”

Throughout 2007, the GBs also experimented with a podcast called “THE EXTRAORDINARY PROJECT” where they talked about their favorite shows such as “Heroes”, “Lost”, “Smallville”, as well as updated on their own movie projects.  All of Season 1 can still be streamed here.  In June, the GBs announced that they were finalists in the official TobyMac music video contest for their entry of “I’m For You“.  They did not end up winning, but neither did anyone else apparently…hmm.

On July 5th, 2007, 20 months after Pre-Production started, the Gilleand Brothers were finally able to announce the impending global release of EXTRAORDINARY!  Saturday, August 4th, 2007 the GBs released the full movie online, on DVD, and held a special premiere at the downtown South Bend, IN public Library!  To date, the movie has had 3000+ views on YouTube!  At the end of August, David Gilleand premiered his own video blog called “DAVE’S LIFE“.  To date, Dave has produced 82 video journals!  This month Dave also released a new compilation of unreleased GB short films called “UNLOCKING THE GILLEAND VAULT“.

In September, with the start of the new TV season, Tim began to produce music videos to accompany each new episode of NBC’s “HEROES“.  He continued this throughout the entire 11-episode season.  The premiere ep, middle, and finale ep’s videos are still up online.   On October 19th, Tim and his wife Marcy announced that their 3-year old boy Michael would become a big brother next year!  Marcy is due in June, 2008.

In November, Tim attended his 17th newsboys live show in South Bend, IN and him and Andy took this chance to STALK them!  LOL.  On November 26th, TMG Productions was able to accomplish something they’ve been trying to do for a long time.  We launched a 24/7 online streaming Timothy Michael radio station!  To date, the station now has over 180 tracks, including several rarities and unreleased tracks that can only be heard by tuning in!  (Over 13 hours of continuous TMG goodness!)

In the beginning of December, the GBs announced two new projects.  The first, a “Gilleand Brothers Christmas Special” hosted by WTMG and featuring spoofed version of some of the GBs most popular short films remade with a holiday twist!  The second a forthcoming project known only as “Channel Surfing“.

2008 looks to be a promising year as Tim returns with new music, the GBs return to the screen in HD, hopefully a More Than Song reunion, a new baby, and other special surprises!  As I always say, stay tuned!

GBs to continue EXTRAORDINARY story in new Christmas special!

Coming this Christmas is the recently announced Gilleand Brothers Christmas Special! The special will be hosted by the WTMG characters and feature the GBs recreating many of their most popular film moments with a holiday twist. We can now release the names of the spoofed vids, and YES it includes the first continuation of EXTRAORDINARY (which just hit 3000 views on YouTube).

The momentous story will pick up 6 months after the end of the film in a short film called “It’s an Extraordinary Life“. The Christmas Special will also include the first Stewart Pehd episode in 11 months, a mini-ep not a full short film, and no – sorry not SP:5. At the finale of the Special we will debut the official teaser trailer for our REAL upcoming project “CHANNEL SURFING”!

Other films to be spoofed include: “Wrong Bird” (Wrong Santa), “Huge Woody” (Huge Elf), “The Matrix Revealed” (The Kringle Revealed), “Gangsta’s Paradise” (Winter Paradise), and “Breadman” (Christmas with Breadman). Look for the special to be released online CHRISTMAS DAY!

Some bloopers and making-of footage can be seen in the most recent DAVE’S LIFE.

Gilleand Brothers announce next project!

The wait is over! The Gilleand Brothers are proud to announce their long-awaited follow-up project to the massively popular “EXTRAORDINARY” movie. This December the brothers will reunite to star in and produce “THE GILLEAND BROTHERS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL“.

(click the pics to enlarge) 


The 1/2 hour special will be hosted by WTMG and feature the brothers re-creating popular scenes from their vast film collection with a holiday twist to them! The special will end with the unveiling of a teaser for the REAL GB’s next project! Recently the project was revealed in a “DAVE’S LIFE” video blog … check out the teaser poster below:

Channel Surfing

More info to come, so stay tuned!

7 exclusive unplugged tracks added to TMG Radio!

Listen to My Radio on

UPDATE: We’ve just added 7 exclusively recorded unplugged tracks to TMG Radio. The songs include acoustic performances of some of Tim’s biggest hits and a BRAND NEW SONG called “Everything” that is only available via the online radio station. Tim debuted the song live this summer at his solo show during the Rhythms of Grace festival. Tune into the station and maybe you will catch it! Here’s a list of the songs Tim recorded especially for this exclusive release:

“EVERYTHING” (new song)

Thats over 180 songs on the station (approx. 12.5 hours of continuous entertainment!)