Timothy Michael streaming radio station debuts!!

I have been trying to get one of these started for a long time. AND finally, here it is!

Listen to My Radio on MediaMaster.com

Click the above link to launch a streaming radio station in your Windows Media Player that plays over 6 hours (100 songs) of original Timothy Michael recordings dating back to the early 90’s through today!

Includes solo originals by Tim, cover songs, live recordings, as well as tracks from Tim’s bands DRIVER PAUL, MORE THAN SONG, and more!

Sometimes the link will open in your browser or ask you to save something, its not the music just the link so your Media Player can open it. ENJOY and let me know what you think!

UPDATE:  Just added 50 more tracks!  Thats over 150 songs (approx.  10 hours of continuous entertainment!)

Stalking Newsboys

This was my third GO Tour. Others were Kalamazoo (famed Paul falls off the stage show) and Ichthus Fest in Kentucky. This was my 17th overall nbs show in 12 years.

I have the GO Tour guitar and was able to get it signed before the show by Pete and Jeff. Pete has just woken up and hadn’t shaved (looked much different), and Jeff was just coming in from the airport at 5:00 (running very late, almost didn’t make it). I’ve got video of them signing the guitar, will post soon.

The concert was great again of course. They added the two new songs (which were done awesomely). But they cut “In Wonder”, which is now the radio single here, so I thought that was odd. I thought they should have cut “Mission” and left “Wonder” in. I also thought they might have the Greatest Hits CD for sale a few days early at our show and they didn’t, but that’s fine.

Now the overall volume seemed to be a bit high at this show. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not some old guy, I play in a band myself and go to shows all the time. In my opinion they had the sound set to “arena” volume at a small theater. It was massive, and ALMOST too much. The loudest I’ve ever heard, and that says something for newsboys!

Here’s my complete list of shows I’ve been to over the years…


1992 Epworth Forest IN Youth Conference “Not Ashamed Tour”
1994 Epworth Forest IN Youth Conference “Going Public Tour”
1996 South Bend, IN Notre Dame “Take Me To Your Leader Tour”
1997 Muncie, IN Acquire the Fire convention “Take Me to your Leader Tour”
1998 Chicago, IL Acquire the Fire convention “Take Me to your Leader Tour”
1999 South Bend, IN Notre Dame “Step up to the Microphone Tour”
2000 South Bend, IN Scottsdale Mall “Airdome Tour”
2001 South Bend, IN 4H Fairground “Festival Con Dios Tour”
2002 Indianapolis, IN Stand Up Acquire the Fire “Thrive Tour”
2002 Oshkosh, WI Lifest “Thrive Tour”
2002 South Bend, IN World Pulse Festival “Thrive Tour”
2002 Elkhart, IN Elco Theater “Thrive Tour”
2003 South Bend, IN World Pulse Festival “Adoration Tour”
2006 South Bend, IN World Pulse Festival “Devotion”
2007 Kalamazoo, MI Wings Stadium “GO Tour”
2007 Wilmore, KY Ichthus Festival “GO Tour”
2007 South Bend, IN Morris Civic Auditorium “GO Tour”


2000 St. Joseph, MI Road to Life Church “Watching Over You Tour”
2001 South Bend, IN Trinity EV Free Church “Strangely Normal Tour” *
2001 South Bend, IN Live from Studio B “Television Taping”
2001 Pennsylvania “Strangely Normal Tour”
2001 New Jersey “Strangely Normal Tour”

* I was the local promoter for this tour stop, I was invited on the road for the next three (helping with sound equipment)


TMG Productions presents VIRTUAL CONCERTS – Jars of Clay

TMG Productions presents a brand-new webisode series called VIRTUAL CONCERTS. Hosted by Timothy Michael, the kick-off episode features unique Christian hitmakers JARS OF CLAY.

The visuals are there for more of a screensaving purpose, this is meant to be an audio experience. This is not a pre-recorded concert, but a virtually assembled dream set. Enjoy, more to come.

Let me know who you would like to see in a Virtual Concert!