Where is Extraordinary Movie?


The Gilleand Brothers are proud to announce a new venture in the EXTRAORDINARY promotion.  In the coming weeks, a new site and experiment – http://whereis.extraordinarymovie.com will launch.  The GBs will be giving away free copies of the EXTRAORDINARY DVD with just one catch: the person watches the movie and then passes it on to someone else.  All participants in the project can then head to the website and log their location, similar to the wheresgeorge dollar bill tracking program.  We will update you when this project gets started!


On Saturday, August 4th, 2007 TMG Productions hosted a local premiere to celebrate the global release of the Gilleand Brothers movie “EXTRAORDINARY” at the downtown South Bend Library.  Cast, crew, their family, and friends attended.  And even though the movie IS finally done – we do have some exciting announcements coming soon regarding Extraordinary.  So… stay tuned.  Attached are some pics from the event.

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With less than 17 hours til the EXTRAORDINARY local premiere and less than 3 hours til the online release, The Gilleand Brothers are pleased to release the final webdoc / special feature – EFFECTS MONTAGE. This video contains ALL the special effects used in the movie and many effects test, and done and created by Andy Gilleand. This video CONTAINS SPOILERS! If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you will want to wait. We are very excited to finally unveil this movie to you after so many years! Its almost here….