TMG Productions is proud to FINALLY announce that the long-awaited Gilleand Brothers original action/drama movie, 2.5 years in the making, “EXTRAORDINARY” WILL BE completed THIS WEEK! Stay tuned for exciting announcements regarding a local premiere and DVD release details.

1 more day to VOTE GBs!

Thats right everyone, only 1 day left. If you haven’t voted yet, head over to


And sign up, takes a couple seconds, and you can vote for us, “Gilleand – I’m for you,” also, you can vote everyday, which is a help

Grand prize winner gets plane tickets/hotel/food for 2 to the west coast, and they also get to meet tobymac, sit up on stage while he sings, and get there video put on his next cd.

3 runner ups get Video iPods, so that is 4 winners total out of 9 finalists, including us.


Watch & Vote GBs!!

Hey all,

My brothers and I have made a music video that we entered in a contest for the best TobyMac fan video! It turned out REALLY good and got selected as a FINALIST, and for the next 8 days you can vote once a day for us.

There are only 9 finalists and 4 winners! Numero Uno winner gets tix/plane/hotel/food to Creation Fest next month as well getting to hang out wit Toby and get our video premiered on the screens in front of the tens of thousands as well as released on his next DVD! Other three runner-ups get video iPods.

So, please please please – head over to http://www.hearitfirst.com/tobyvideocontest and vote for “Gilleand – I’m For You”, you’ll want to anyways, we’ve got one of the best, so we really stand a chance with all ya’alls help!

Thanks – and YES, I’ll keep reminding (buggin) ya’all about it! Yes, you do have to register at the site, but just use some throw-away email account like I do! Anywho – thanks!


“The Extraordinary Project” – Season 1 Finale

Ladies and Gentlemen, weve made it through the complete first season of The Gilleand Brother’s debut podcast! Check out this supersized episode as we discuss the exciting 2007 finales of “24”, “Heroes”, and “Lost”, as well as a special sneak peek never-before-heard scene from the (still) forthcoming GB movie “Extraordinary”. See you next year folks!