GBs to Ichthus!

Thursday, June 14th – Sunday, June 17th, 2007 – all three Gilleand Brothers, along with their Mom and Tim’s wife Marcy, will be attending the annual Ichthus Christian music Festival in Wilmore, Kentucky featuring Relient K, Switchfoot, newsboys, tobyMac, Chris Tomlin, BarlowGirl, and much more!  Full report and pics to come!




Congratulations Scott!

Scott Hipher, long-time keyboardist for MORE THAN SONG, and friend of Tim got married to his girlfriend of many years Erin yesterday (May 19th, 2007), in a beautiful ceremony and very extravagant reception.  Tim was an usher for the wedding and was even convinced into giving the party crowd a little sample of MJ.  Tim retold the story of little 3rd-grader Scott drawing a picture and having then 7th-grader Tim autograph it for him and teach him to moonwalk!  Congratualations Scott and Erin!


The Extraordinary Project – Season 1

The Gilleand Brothers new weekly podcast – “The Extraordinary Project” will host its final episode of its first season next week.  In celebration, all 7 previously released eps have been remastered and re-released after their original server crashed – as well as a brand new episode 8.

The podcast covers ’24’, ‘Heroes’, ‘Smallville’, ‘Lost’, and the GBs projects.

Episode 01 – 4:00 The Company Man Killes Tricia Tanaka
Episode 02 – 5:00 The Parasite enters 77
Episode 03 – 6:30 Jittery Rogues
Episode 04 – 8:00 Hug an Exposed Leech
Episode 05 – 9:00 Left Behind Drones
Episode 06 – 10:00 One of Us Heated Obscure Tempests Watches Duplicity in a Heated Vortex called Disturbia
Episode 07 – 11:30 The Visage of Ryan’s Progency catches .07% Docs falling from their 22 Nemesis
Episode 08 – 1:30 Movie Noir – The Hard Prototype Behind the Curtain goes Missing for 5 Years, then falls off a Presipice onto a Brig

new Timothy Michael retrospective CD – “The Way I Am”

TMG Productions is proud to announce the official release of Timothy Michael’s newest album “THE WAY I AM”.  This new project is a year in the making.  Tim culled through hours of archival recordings to assemble this unique retrospective…

“Hello.  Welcome to my world.  Over the next 80-minutes I will take you on a journey through the past 20 years of my creative-career.  I have been writing and singing music since I was 7 years old.  But that’s not all I’ve done.  I’ve been in a few bands, I’ve written/filmed/edited several movies, I’ve been recognized by thousands as MJ, as well as being an area worship leader.  Although this collection is a retrospective, you’ve never quite heard these captured quite like this.  We’ve put together a mirage of rarities, outtakes, practices, live performances, never-before-released tracks, remixes, sound excerpts, and new recordings.  Enjoy, sit back, and relax, and let me take you through a brief summary that is THE WAY I AM.”

The Way I Am        The Way I Am back

            click on the below links to preview each full track for a limited time!

1.     ALL ALONE  – in the beginning mix     4:56
     This collection opens taking us all the way back to 1987  with my very first original song/recording of “Drummerman” at age 7!  When I decided to write a song I asked my mom about some possible song titles – “Piano Man” (taken), “Guitar Man” (taken), so I came to “Drummerman”.  My first recording of it didn’t go so well though, and its too bad I didn’t save it!  The tape recorder got stuck in slow-mo mode, the entire song came out in slow-motion – it was pretty funny! 
     The next clip you hear is of ‘The New Domination’, me and my friend Randy Scott circa 1991 with our playground original hit “Be My Girl”.  Seriously we used to perform every recess in junior high outside either dancing like Michael Jackson or barbershop style singing our hits.
     From this we jump back a couple years to 1989 and me and friend Jeremy Southwood, introing into what I consider my first real song – “All Alone”.  We wrote the word and my mom, Julie Gilleand, wrote the music.  I performed this song in front of my sixth grade class to a studio recording my mom had prepared for me.  The version you hear on this collection is from my 2004 album ‘Imagination Retaliation’.
2.     LOVE’S STING – dp mix     3:58
     This track open with a clip from The Gilleand Brother’s 2004 film “The Matrix Revealed”.  That movie was our first big venture.  We took three 25-min. short films and combined them into our first full-length motion picture.
     From 1996-1999 I was part of a high school alternative rock band called DRIVER PAUL.  The next clip is an instrumental guitar riff from our most popular cult classic song “Are You My Mother (Inside)” performed live at my 25th birthday party at Camp Ray Bird, released as ‘Timothy Michael – Live’.
     The next clip is from a Driver Paul practice with me and Jason Hawn running through my original “Love’s Sting” for the first time (very late at night!)  This transitions into my 2005 professional recording of the song released on my ‘Everything and Nothing all at Once’ album.
     After a brief interlude of behind-the-scenes practice with DP, we hear an excerpt from a live performance of the band performing Tim’s original “Lies” with Rob Hunter as a special guest on lead guitar.  This recording was originally released on Tim’s first CD, ‘The Fiery Embers that Brand your Name’ with DP.  Before ending this track we hear a short line from Tim’s “Past Present Future” – Driver Paul is 10 minutes late.
3.     FORGIVENESS     2:21
     This is a professional studio recording of “Forgiveness”, a song that Tim wrote and performed regularly with Driver Paul.  This recording is from the ‘Imagination Retaliation’ CD.  This song was written about a serious incident that happened with a friend of mine during high school who didn’t feel like she could go on.
4.     CRYIN’  –  walk 2 remember ver.    3:55
     “Cryin for Myself” was made popular on the 2002 studio album ‘TMG’.  This is an alternate version that was only released on the CD single, it includes dialogue from one of my favorite movies, “A Walk to Remember”.  The original version included dialogue from “Jerry Maguire”.  This was one of the first songs I wrote after Driver Paul broke up.  The music video I created for this song is set to footage from Tim’s first film “Tracers”.
5.     TWO CRAZY KIDS reunion     2:03
     Two Crazy Kids was a project that I recorded with my best friend Phil Bergner in junior high.  It was a collection of silly renditions of Beatles/John Lennon songs.  As I was going back through the archives for this project, I decided to revive the Two Crazy Kids.  This track is John Lennon’s “Watching the Wheels”, a new recording recorded in the same format as the original 1992 TCK recordings.
     This track ends with an outtake from The Gilleand Brothers movie “Extraordinary”.
6.     MORE LIKE YOU  –  MJ dance remix    4:47
     Yes, it’s true, starting in junior high and continuing through my high school years I was also known as Michael Jackson.  My friend Randy Scott inspired and taught me many of the moves, that over the years, I perfected.  I ended up performing for thousands of people over several years, and still to this day I am recognized once in a while out in the community.
     This is a remix recording of the 2001 original hit “More Like You”, originally released on ‘The Heart of Worship’ CD.  This version is from the CD single.  “More Like You” has gone onto become my most popular song of my career, performed and recorded more times than any other song.  The song was written while I worked out at Camp Ray Bird, a Christian camp in South Bend, IN.
7.     MORE THAN SONG     7:58
     In 2003, I joined up with Nathan Smith from Camp Ray Bird to form MORE THAN SONG, a Christian worship/rock band.  We quickly became the in-house worship band for the camp, and continued onto record some of our own CDs.  In 2004, Scott Hipsher and Marcy Elaine joined us as we debuted as a band at the Freedom in Christ festival.  Since then, the band has undergone some personnel changes, but the mission remains the same: whatever we do – it is the God behind the music that is more important than those of us on stage.
     This track open with an acoustic version of “The Heart of Worship” from my 2001 album of the same name.  Overdubbed onto that recording is a new special intro I created for use at my church called I just wish there were words.  This segues into a live recording from More Than Song of “Heart” where I explain the story behind the song.  I’ve been telling this story for years, but it truly has changed my life and outlook at worship.
     Following that performance, is a portion of my newest original song “More Than a Song”, released on my most recent CD, ‘Going’.
8.     YOUR NAME     4:31
     This track opens with the conclusion of I just wish there were words and transitions into a brand-new recording of the Paul Baloche worship song “Your Name”, performed acoustically.
9.     EXTRAORDINARY     3:18
     When The Gilleand Brothers first set out to create our full-length original action/drama movie ‘Extraordinary’, I decided to write a song for the end credits.  Well, the song never became a reality and we ended up going with “This World”.  This track is a bonus track from my 2005 album ‘More Like You’, and is a melding of many things, including the original poem which was meant to become Extraordinary – the song.
     The track also features excerpts of a message from Peter Furler of the Newboys, and the Gloria Gaynor hit “I Will Survive”.
10.    MICHAEL INTERLUDE     0:22
     The “Michael Interlude” includes an excerpt from mine and my wife’s original dedicated song for our son, which segues immediately into a unique debut recording of Michael James’ first original song “Fishes Doit”. 
11.    ME AND MY HOUSE  –  2007 mix     4:52
     I wrote “Me and My House” as I watched the shock and awe of the initial bombing of Baghdad during the 2003 opening of the Iraq war.  I’ve always loved Joshua chapter 24, as a dying leader challenges the people to choose what it is they will serve.  MAMH was originally released on the 2003 album ‘As for me and my house’.  It was used in The Gilleand Brothers film “The Matrix Revealed”.  It has gone onto become one of my most loved songs for myself and my fans.
     This is a brand-new mix from the original 2003 studio tracks.  I was lucky enough to still have the original tracks preserved, and this a brand-new mix for this project.
12.    HAPPY SAD MAN     2:48
     “Happy Sad Man” is an unreleased recording from the ‘As for me and my house’ album sessions.  When I finished the album I decided it didn’t fit the flow of the album, so I discovered it in the archives and decided to pull up the mix and finish it.  The song was written during my Driver Paul run, and was partly inspired by Kurt Cobain.
13.    STILL BEING THERE  –  after all the years     4:12
     This new medley/mix is a combination of the two recordings of “Still Being There” and the hit single “Being There”.  “Still Being There” was first featured as an encore on the ‘As for me and my house’ CD, and as the opening track of the follow-up 2004 CD ‘Our Love is Alive’.
     The version of “Being There” included here is a new acoustic mix culled from the original studio recordings.  I wrote “Being There” in my sleep.  I dreamt the song all night, and when I woke up it was all laid out for me, I just had to write it down.  I think I even went onto record it that same day!
14.    NOT WITH ME  –  GB mix     4:21
     In 2007, The Gilleand Brothers began a weekly podcast called “The Extraordinary Project”.  This track begins with some of the best moments of the first season which transitions into a remix version of “Not With Me”, the song I used in the end credits of our “WTMG: The Movie”.  This remix was originally released as a bonus track on the 2005 album “Everything and Nothing all at Once”.
15.    BLESSING / THE LAST DAY  –  live     5:31
     The summer of 2005 I performed weekly at The Lighthouse Café, a Christian coffeehouse/restaurant in downtown Mishawaka, IN.  This recording is a live performance of two of my songs written for my wife Marcy Elaine: “Blessing” and “The Last Day”, originally released on my 2005 album ‘More Like You’.
16.    THE WORSHIP MEDLEY     3:20
     I have been leading worship for many years.  Over the years I have arranged three classic praise songs which I feel go very well together and have called it “The Worship Medley”.  I’ve performed this medley countless times in concerts and worship services, yet it still holds the same power to me.  The combination of these powerful songs, “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” / “Shine Jesus Shine” / “Every Move I Make”, always empowers the audience.   This track is a slightly sped-up version of the rendition originally released on my 2006 worship album ‘The Sonlight Experience’, an album created specifically for the attendants of a special evening event I arranged called THE EXPERIENCE.
17.    THE WAY WE ARE     3:05
     “The Way We Are” was discovered hidden away on audio tape as I sifted through the archives.  It is an unreleased original.  I recorded this home demo circa 1997, locked it away, and completely forgot about it.  So, here it is, for the first time ever.  It also would be considered one of my very first multi-tracked recordings.
18.    THIS WORLD  –  wonder mix     3:28
     This track opens with an excerpt from The Gilleand Brothers short film “Questions Only”.
     This recording of “This World” is a re-mixed version mixed from the original studio recordings created for the 2005 album ‘Everything and Nothing all at Once’.  This song was written during the Driver Paul era, and actually is co-credited to Jason Hawn (he wrote one chord).  The song is used in the credits of The Gilleand Brothers movie “Extraordinary”, and the music video features footage from a deleted scene from the movie.
     This track ends with an excerpt from “In Wonder”, as released on my most recent Newsboys tribute album ‘Going’.
19.    BABY BABY     1:12
     This is an unreleased gem.  One of my very first original songs written and recorded in 1987.  I was laughing to death when I discovered this one in the archives.  So, here it is for the very first time!  3 or 4 babies, all girls! 
20.    SHOWSTOPPER     2:42
     For our grand finale, we visit another memory from the TMG Productions vault, “Defective Music No. 5”.  So if everything in this massive collection and undertaking can be summed up in one phrase – Don’t eat beans! 
     We had to go out with a bang!  I’m just a hunk o hunk of burning love.