MORE THAN SONG on hiatus

Tim’s Christian/worship rock band MORE THAN SONG recieved resignations from their lead guitarist – Jeff Kamp, and drummer Brent Kattau this week.  After losing Marcy Elaine this past fall, this leaves the band down to Scott and Tim.  With new jobs, and rising conflicting schedules the band has decided to go on hiatus until situations clear up.  The band, which has been together in one form or another since 2003, has no plans of completly calling it quits, but will be taking a break until further notice. 

Tim can still be seen leading worship weekly at Sonlight Fellowship Wesleyan Church in South Bend, IN.  Brent and Jeff play for the kids at Granger Community Church, and Scott is active in his church at Osceola Church of the Brethren and other local bands.  Marcy is currently recording a demo and writing many songs and hopes to start a chick-rock band this year.  Our old bassist, Nathan Smith is returning to the USA from serving in Korea next week.

TMG Productions hits 100,000 views on YouTube!

Today, March 5th 2007, TMG PRODUCTIONS has officially reached 100,000 original video views on  Over the past year we have uploaded over 85 original videos (over 10 hours of content) including everything from Gilleand Brother short films, to Timothy Michael and More Than Song music videos, trailers, full-length movies, fan videos, and more!  Our reigning video is still our Superchick “We Live” Hurricane Katrina memorial video with over 20,000 views.  The numbers come out to an average of 250 views per day, or approx. 25 hours viewed per day.  Stick with us and as always, ENJOY!


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