Pehd 4

The Gilleand Brothers covened this weekend to do a 24-hour cram session on their long-awaited upcoming movie “EXTRAORDINARY”. The event was a success, and ended with the Bros finishing major work on sound effects.

But the real story to come from this event happened during a break in work, as the GBs filmed the fourth installment in the highly popular ‘Stewart Pehd’ on-going series.
The fourth installment of the ongoing short film series “The Continuing Story of Stewart A. Pehd.” This time around, Frank Furter and the rest of the cast return for a film that sets up for a fifth and final film!

Teaser for SP:5

Update on GB Movie cram-session

The Gilleand Brothers will be convening this weekend to pour a ton of time into the unending project that is “EXTRAORDINARY“. The brothers will spend over 8 hours on the project, fleshing out most of the movie’s remaining arduous sound effects processing – therefore taking the project one step closer to finis.
The GBs will also spend sometime filming the fourth installment of ‘The Continuing Story of Stewart A. Pehd’. AND the whole event will be broadcast live via Yahoo Webcam starting at 1:00 p.m. Sunday and concluding at 10 p.m. The brothers will participate in a live webchat exactly at 7 p.m.
The live webcast will be able to be found by adding “dptim” to your Yahoo Messenger buddylist.

new Timothy Michael CD – GOING releases

TMG Productions is proud to announce the official release of Timothy Michael’s new CD “GOING”. GOING is a newsboys tribute CD, covering mostly songs from the band’s newest release “GO”, amid other hits and such. The first single and music video “Something Beautiful” is featured, as well as Tim’s original “More Than a Song“, and a studio and live version of “I Am Free“, as well as special remixes and flashbacks at former newsboys cover recordings.

The full album can be downloaded for a limited time at this link. And check out the special 1-min. video promo below.


01. Going
02. In Wonder
03. Something Beautiful
04. I Am Free
05. Secret Kingdom
06. Your Love is Better Than Life
07. More Than a Song (original)
08. Million Pieces
09. It is You
10. He Reigns
11. Something remixed
12. I Am Free (live w/ More Than Song)
13. In Wonder (a’capella)
14. YLIBTL (instrumental)
15. The Worship Medley
16. Shine-ing
17. Blessed be the Name
18. … a million more pieces