2006 Year-in-Review

2006 was once again a booming year for TMG Productions.  

Fresh off the Timothy Michael CD release of “Everything and Nothing all at Once”, the year kicked off to a good start with a warm online welcoming of Tim’s John Denver tribute song/video “The Water is Singing”.  Tim produced a record 7 music videos for the ‘Everything’ album, including “This World” from the Gilleand Brothers forthcoming movie “Extraordinary”.  Early on in 2006, Timothy Michael compiled all his new music videos with all his past videos and released “Everything and Nothing – the complete music video collection” on DVD containing all 25 clips. 

Work on “Extraordinary”, the long-awaited original action/drama full-length movie from the GBs, continued on into its second year of work into the post-production phase.  Throughout the year, the brothers worked on finalizing special effects, final editing, voice-over work, and sound effects.  The project is by-far the biggest project to date for the brothers as displayed in the exciting DVD Trailer and completed First 7 Minutes of the movie released online this year.  The movie is expected to be completed Spring, 2007.  The brothers also released three new short films this year – parts 2 & 3 of ‘The Continuing Story of Stewart A. Pehd’ and an improve comedy sketch ‘Questions Only’.

2006 was also the year of YouTube!  By the end of the year, TMG Productions has uploaded over 80 original videos – amassing hours of free content ranging from Timothy Michael music videos, to Gilleand Brother short films and promos, and much more – with a year end total of over 72,000 views for our videos.  Some of the most viewed were TMG original fan videos to Superchick’s ‘We Live’ (13,021), a Dawson’s Creek comedy montage (6,9888), a Michael Jackson unreleased fan video (6,351), and much more.  The most viewed original TMG Productions artist video was to Timothy Michael’s rendition of “I Can Only Imagine” (3,960).

This year also saw some changes in the More Than Song band line-up.  Heading into their third year, Tim’s Christian band lost bassist Nathan Smith to the Army.  They spent half the year re-working their line-up and by summer had landed Jeff Kamp on guitar and Brent Kattau on drums.  Tim moved to bass.  The band performed at about a dozen performances throughout the summer and fall including Mishawaka Summerfest, Freedom in Christ, Rhythms of Grace, Sonlight Fellowship, and more.  The changes in lineup encouraged a change in their style and sound.  The band moved from a softer worship sound to a more upbeat performance style with powerful covers like Chris Tomlin’s “Not to Us” and David Crowder’s “Revolutionary Love”.  After the band’s final performance of the year Tim’s wife Marcy also announced that she was leaving the band to focus more on her own music.  The band is currently looking to fill that spot.  The band also suffered a blow when they too quickly lost friend, founder, and co-lyricist Ken Henderson to cancer.  Ken wrote the words to the band’s “Freedom in Christ” song and also organized the yearly music festival with the same name.  He will be missed, and the band will continue to honor his life and ministry through his music.

Tim continued his own ministry at Sonlight Fellowship Wesleyan Church as their weekly worship leader this year.  He also used his affiliation with the church to host a unique worship program called “The Experience”.  The Experience was an under-wraps project Tim felt led to organize that put an emphasis on the community and corporate worship aspects of the church.  The program featured live worship music from More Than Song, a hilarious skit with Tim & Dave, a moving open testimonies time, and a special Q&A session with the pastor.  Tim and the church are currently discussing a second Experience for sometime in 2007.

For Tim, 2006 also saw him and his wife Marcy turn 27 (another notch closer to 30!!) – does that mean we have to start acting like adults some time soon??  Michael turned 3 to an exciting Cars B-day party!  And Tim left his Night School teachers assistant position of 5 years, to become a substitute for the South Bend Library system.  2006 also saw the spread of MySpace.com to the entire family: Tim, Marcy, Andy, David – and special sites dedicated to More Than Song, the GBs, and Timothy Michael’s solo music (featuring the first ever digital download pay service for Tim’s music).  This year, we also re-vamped TMGproductions.net into a blog-style news layout.

Overall, 2006 was an exciting and developing year – and with the long-awaited upcoming release of “Extraordinary”, a second ‘Experience’, a demo recording from More Than Song, and new music from Marcy – 2007 promises to be even more exciting.  Happy New Year everyone, and as always – stay tuned!

EXTRAORDINARY cram session!

The Gilleand Brothers will convene Sunday, January 7th, 2007 through Monday, Jan. 8th to devote themselves to a cram-work session on their upcoming movie “EXTRAORDINARY”.

The two-day event will comprise of 7 work sessions where the brothers will dedicate over 9 hours of work to the almost completed project as it enters its third year of production. The movies video track is complete, the brothers are now just working on audio elements including sound effects and voice-overs. The audio track is approximately 75% completed.

The occasion will also include a break where the GBs will film the fourth installment of ‘The Continuing Story of Stewart A. Pehd’. The cram session will be broadcast live via Yahoo Webcam including a special live chat during the 7 p.m. work session. Stay tuned to this site for more info on accessing that special live chat as the event nears. And if you do miss out on the experience, the GBs will be filming special behind-the-scenes footage the entire time, and will release a new webdoc viceo later that week.

We look forward to this exciting event and for a large amount of progress to happen on the movie. Hang in there with us, and stay tuned!

Borrowed Memories – music videos galore!

TMG Productions is pleased to announce the online debut of six of Timothy Michael’s classic music videos including his debut video to 2001’s “More Like You”, his dedication to his wife in “Blessing”, a couple look backs at Tim’s high school band DRIVER PAUL in “Borrowed Memories” and “The Dead Man’s Word”, and “It’s Free” from the 2003 album ‘As for Me and My House’ and the Gilleand Brothers movie ‘Reality’.

Other previously available Timothy Michael music videos: “Act Naturally”, “Something Beautiful”, “More Than a Song”, “Not With Me”, “Me and My House”, “Just Another Day”, “I Can Only Imagine”, “Cryin for Myself”, “The Last Day”, “The Water is Singing”, “This World”.

Act Naturally

TMG Productions presents a look back at Tim’s movie career with this new music video from his rare 2003 Beatles tribute album “We All Shine On”. “ACT NATURALLY” incorporates footage from almost all the GB movies including “The Matrix Revealed”, “WTMG”, “Tracers”, the upcoming “Extraordinary”, and much more!

Timothy Michael online store

I’ve gone ahead and created a MySpace page for MY music. Yes, I have a personal one, and one for the band, and one with my brothers, but this one is for my original music. I wasn’t going to do this, but MySpace now offers the ability to sell your music! I had to go for that – who knows what will happen. So check it out at: http://www.myspace.com/timothymichaelmusic. And check out the online music store below.

More Tim as MJ goodness

Me performing as MJ in front of close to 2000 people at my high school pep rally, not too shabby.

Other installments of from the Gilleand Vault...

Part 11 – Paul Revere – a short music video I had to shoot in high school as a multimedia project, and heck no – I didn’t choose the song!
Part 12 – The Lion and The Mouse – a puppet show I produced with Andy for my 16th B-day party.
Part 13 – Behind the Scenes of The Lion and the Mouse – Tim takes the camera behind the scenes of the making of the puppet show.

Billie Jean…

Now, this one I AM proud of – this rocks. I get asked all the time if I still do this… my answer is “I can do it”. LOL. This is from 1995, 12 years ago!! Man, I’m old. But this is the most coveted performance – everyone wanted me to do this song everytime, so it became the one I did the most. Check it out….

More from The Gilleand Vault…

Uh-oh, hmmm… this post contains an extreme flashback to my early Michael Jackson impersonating, and more – so enter at your own risk – the following continuation of David’s “From the Gilleand Vault” series:

PART 6 – Power Rangers: Oh My Blob – the first Gilleand Brothers short film, restored w/ original footage

PART 7 – Tim as MJ: Black or White

PART 8 – Tim as MJ: The Way You Make Me Feel

PART 9 – Tim as MJ: They Don’t Care About Us