The Sonlight Experience

SUN. DEC. 2, 2006 -7 p.m. @ Sonlight Fellowship in South Bend, IN!

To commemorate the evening, Tim has been prepping a special CD project as a special gift for a select number of people who attend the event.  The CD, titled “The Sonlight Experience” is a unique project in itself.  It started off as a practice CD for Tim and his worship team at the church.  The purpose of the CD was to cram in as many of the songs the group does on a routine basis for practice purposes, therefore Tim recorded himself playing the piano and singing at Sonlight Fellowship – but only a verse & chorus of each tune.  So the songs average out to under 2 minutes per song, and the CD holds over 40 of the greatest songs ever written.  Upon listening back to the collection, Tim was inspired to take this a step further, and recorded guitars and additional vocals in his home studio to beef up the recordings creating a unique 80-minute flowing worship experience in itself.

“At first I thought it was gonna kinda be agrevating having the songs switching so fast right when you were getting into them, but upon listening back to it I was really moved and inspired and so I decided to incorporate it into The Experience, and I think others will really get a kick out of it”  –  Timothy Michael

The CD, “The Sonlight Experience”, is now temporarily available for a total FREE download as a ZIP file of all 43 tracks here

For now, you can preview the first song from the CD at the link below…



All Things are Possible  

Sonlight tracklist
click for tracklist



The Continuing Story…

“THE CONTINUING STORY OF STEWART A. PEHD” continues into it’s long-awaited 3rd episode this week.  Saturday, Nov. 18th, the GBs filmed this third installment in the series that started early last year about a bumbling spy – filmed mostly impromtu. David Gilleand wrote, directed, and edited this episode for his DWG Pictures.

You can also re-check out Episode 1 – and Episode 2 –

AND a special 30-sec. TEASER for the forthcoming Episode 4!

OR catch-up on the entire series with this special MUSIC VIDEO Montage!


PS3 day!

PS3  Congratulations to Gilleand Brother – Andy, for recieving one of the limited 400,000 launch-day PlayStation 3’s.  Andy braved the element for 11 hours outside of GameStop.  He was the first in line!  The second person in line arrived 10 hours and 45 minutes later, 15 min. before the store opened.  Thats 98% of the time along.  GB David kept him company and GB Mom also froze in a nearby vehicle.  Andy had his PS3 pre-ordered over a month ago.  The store employee, upon arriving to open the store asked him how long he’d been there, then continued to ask “WHY?”   LOL!

Anywho, Andy now has his PS3/Blu-Ray player, and ISN’T selling, although the $600 machines are going for thousands on eBay!!  Heck, his spot in line alone could’ve been bought for at least $500!  Oh well… it will sure go good with his new 36-in. LCD HDTV!!

Timothy Michael – “Going”

Timothy Michael is currently working on a tribute project to the brand-new Newsboys album “GO”.  Tim has been recording each song in his own studio, completly re-creating each song note for note, part for part. 

“Basically, it’s a project that allows me to flex my creativity, while develop my instrument playing and studio recording.  It’s really exciting to see if I can replicate what I hear.  I don’t know if I’ll go through with the entire album, in fact I don’t know if I can, but I am actually about half way there already!”

A mock album cover has also been created based on the original cover – see it here.
Listen to some samples below in REALmedia format.


Your Love is Better Than Life”  full song

Something Beautiful”  full song

 “Secret Kingdom”  1-min. sample

“I Am Free”  1-min. sample

Mark your calendars!


The Experience


SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3rd, 2006 – 7 p.m.
3702 S. Michigan St.  South Bend, IN  46614
(574) 291-6202



experience  EXPLORATION
Searching for something more real?  Meaning?  Explore a different world. 
We are to be in the world, but not of it.  There is more.
experience   XTREME WORSHIP
Our God is an awesome God, and He deserves awesome praise. 
The music will be powerful, and together, we will lift the name of the Lord. 
experience   POWER
Power in worship.  Power in truth.  Power in community.  Power in life.
experience   ELEVATED PRAYER
Come face to face with our God in a real & personal encounter,
with issues facing your everyday, sharing with your family what’s affecting you.
experience   REVIVAL
Come into contact with what the Holy Spirit is ready to bless your life with
through a new experience in corporate worship.
experience   IN PURSUIT
What are you searching for?  Where are you in your walk?  Pursue what’s important to you.
experience   EACH OTHER
The people are the body.  You are the church.  Participate in a unique experience with other
believers, your family in Christ.
experience   NEW VISION
This isn’t church, or is it?  A time to get your questions answered.
experience   CHRIST
Who is Jesus?  What was his purpose?  What does it mean to me?  What does it mean towards my outlook on life?
experience   EVERYTHING
The world is a large place – where do we fit in, what is real?  Join us in experiencing truth! 


THE EXPERIENCE is a new worship celebration program coming to the area.
THE EXPERIENCE is not your traditional church service.
THE EXPERIENCE is a new way for the community of believers to come together.


  n.     The apprehension of an object, thought, or emotion through the senses or mind.
Active participation in events or activities, leading to the accumulation of knowledge or skill.


Sonlight Fellowship Wesleyan Church in South Bend, Indiana will play home to this extraordinary event.  The willing will gather together for an evening of community, inspiration, encouragement, & direction.  Praise/Rock band MORE THAN SONG will lead believers in a personal and exciting worship encounter.  The family of God will get a chance to express their joys & concerns, their testimonies, and have those searching questions answered biblically, in a fun inviting atmosphere.



Not your traditional church service, THE EXPERIENCE is a special evening gathering of the family of God, and those still searching.  A unique time of worship & bonding through a fresh encounter with our Lord and each other.  A time to celebrate, have questions answered, needs addressed, & praises lifted in the company of fellow believers.

“If we claim that we experience a shared life with him and continue to stumble around in the dark, we’re obviously lying through our teeth—we’re not living what we claim. But if we walk in the light, God himself being the light, we also experience a shared life with one another, as the sacrificed blood of Jesus, God’s Son, purges all our sin.”
—  1 John 1:6  (Message)


I Am Free

Check out my cover versions of the new Newsboys songs “I am Free” and “Secret Kingdom”. This is all me on all the instruments, and vocals completly recreating the original recordings. I’ve uploaded them as RealMedia – so they are streaming only as to not infringe on Newsboys copyrights.“Secret Kingdom” –

“I Am Free” –