Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on the progress of the movie.  The project HAS NOT been abandonded.  After we finished filming and editing, the movie was handed almost completly over to Andy for all the post-production (effects, surround sound, dvd creation, and more). 
Throughout the summer, Andy made incredible progress, and every new development was very exciting as you’ve been able to preview in our DVD Trailer and the completed 1st 7 Minutes of the movie. 
This fall has been another story.  Andy started his first full-time job as well as third semester of college.  He has had little time to devote to the movie.  As of this point: the video track is finalized, all visual effects are finished, and we are currently working on the audio track (about 60% finished).  When that is finished – the movie itself will be done.  Then its just DVD creation and packaging and onto release!
This week, Andy will be taking some time to teach me how to do everything involved in the audio editing, and I wil be devoting some time each week to assist in getting the audio work completed.  As of this point, a release date is still uncertain, but we will update you when we know anything more.  We just wanted to let everyone know that the movie is still coming, and will only be that much better for the time we’ve put into it  (currently 22 months).

TMG Productions releases classic “ACE” short film online finally!

TMG Productions is proud to announce the official first-time online release of the classic CTS Film Corporation short film: “ACE“.  ACE is a 30-minute prequel to the full-length action/drama movie “Tracers” (also online).  Filmed in the winter of 2000/2001 while Tim was interning at Camp Ray Bird in South Bend, IN.  The film features brothers Stephen and Jarod Boyle as detective partners on the case of the mysterious ‘Glen’.


The Second Chance

Second Chance

Hey all, Tim here.  I just watched this independent movie called “THE SECOND CHANCE” last night and it was awesome!  It stars Christian pop artist Michael W. Smith as an associate pastor at a high-class mega-church who is humbled to learn a different more un-comfortable lifestlye in a run-down urban part of town where a lesser fourtunate sister church is struggling to surive and reach its community in real and personal ways.

The movie is directed by Steve Taylor, long-time Newsboys lyricist collaborator, and artist in himself.  The DVD features quite unique special features including an interesting behind-the-scenes/on-location which really delves into the issues presented in the film.  The soundtrack is phenominal.  A must see!


UNPRECEDENTED: Listen & Download ALL of Tim’s CD Catalog!!!

Tims CDs


Over 20 full albums  /  18 hours of music  /  279 songs


Through a venture with 4shared.com, TMG Productions is very proud to announce an unprecedented download opportunity:  the ENTIRE Timothy Michael CD Catalog!


From Tim’s first CD project in 1999 – “The Fiery Embers that Brand your Name” with high school band DRIVER PAUL, all-original solo albums including “TMG” and “As for Me and My House“, worship projects with MORE THAN SONG “Live at the Lighthouse“, to his most recent succesful studio album “Everything and Nothing all at Once“, and much more!



At the link above you will see a list of 22 folders, each folder represents a different album in chronological order of release from 1999 through the present.  Within each folder you will see the songlist in order.  You can click the little arrow to the left of each song title to quickly play the song online, or to the right you can follow instructions to download each track.  The files are currently in Windows Media Audio, 64kbps format, and can be burned to CD through Windows Media Player.  We’ve also included all the original cover artwork in each CD’s folder.


We are doing this free-of-charge for the fans.  This is an official online release of the entire Timothy Michael CD catalog simulataniously!  THIS IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, so get the songs you want now!ENJOY.



Timothy Michael readies ‘THE EXPERIENCE’

The Experience


What is THE EXPERIENCE?  We’ve all been hearing about it… Find out a little bit more here. The Experience is an interactive project Tim is coordinating through his church, Sonlight Fellowship Wesleyan Church in South Bend, IN.  Tim is the weekly worship leader, and is looking to bless their congregation with a unique worship experience. The Experience is a coming together of the family of God, and those searching, those who may have issues with what they perceive as church.  This experience will be a new look at what church means and is.  Tim’s band MORE THAN SONG will be involved, there will be skits and videos, and a special anonymous Q&A session with the pastor.  It will be an evening to remember. 

To commemorate the evening, Tim has been prepping a special CD project as a special gift for a select number of people who attend the event.  The CD, titled “The Sonlight Experience” is a unique project in itself.  It started off as a practice CD for Tim and his worship team at the church.  The purpose of the CD was to cram in as many of the songs the group does on a routine basis for practice purposes, therefore Tim recorded himself playing the piano and singing at Sonlight Fellowship – but only a verse & chorus of each tune.  So the songs average out to under 2 minutes per song, and the CD holds over 40 of the greatest songs ever written.  Upon listening back to the collection, Tim was inspired to take this a step further, and recorded guitars and additional vocals in his home studio to beef up the recordings creating a unique 80-minute flowing worship experience in itself.

“At first I thought it was gonna kinda be agrevating having the songs switching so fast right when you were getting into them, but upon listening back to it I was really moved and inspired and so I decided to incorporate it into The Experience, and I think others will really get a kick out of it”  –  Timothy Michael

The CD, “The Sonlight Experience”, will be available sometime in November, when THE EXPERIENCE itself is expected to take place.  For now, you can preview the first song from the CD at the link below…

All Things are Possible