New Timothy Michael single: “Extraordinary”

In 2005, while the Gilleand Brothers were filming their masterpiece movie ‘Extraordinary’, Tim penned some lyrics for an end-credits song. He did not finish it in time, and they went with a different Timothy Michael song called ‘This World’. Now, 10 years later, Tim has completed the song. It even features a cameo by his 7-year-old daughter Megan (towards the end). While Tim is still very much a part of the husband/wife group UNITY (and will always be), once in a while he will be able to sneak a new solo song out. ENJOY the official lyric video below!

Highlights from the Local Christian Music Showcase

On Sunday, May 17th Tim and his wife’s group UNITY hosted a special Local Christian Music Showcase at his church in South Bend, Indiana. The evening featured the first live performance by UNITY in over 2 years… as well as other amazing local talent including WFRN D.J. and worship leader Cody Collier, Fort Wayne area rockers Filthy Rags, Pulse FM Superstar Amanda Baugh, and hip hop artist L.P – the Lyrical Poet. See some highlights from this event below…

2012, 2013, 2014 Years-in-Review

It has been a few years since we’ve done a “year-in-review” post here at TMG Productions.  As the family has grown, and career advancements have been put in place – creative endeavors have had to take a back seat, therefore there has not been as much to report on… but it is time!

In January 2012, Tim testified in Indianapolis in front of the state board of education regarding the creation/evolution topic.  His full experience is recapped here.

In May 2012, Unity released their fourth and final music video from their debut album “What You Choose to Follow”.  This video was set to the song “Beauty for Ashley” and took the form of a short film chronicling Ashley’s therapeutic experience.  The video can be watched in its entirety here.

In December 2012, the Gilleand Brothers returned with their 2nd (not-so-annual) Awards Show.  The show included some new fun categories such as “best brother”, a new Stew Pehd mini-episode, and much more.  The full 78-minute special can be watched here.

Also released at the end of 2012 was a brand-new Tim as MJ Michael Jackson promo video filmed at a recent event Tim performed at.  The video features an original MJ megamix never before heard.  Watch that here.

Onto 2013!  In April, the Gilleand Brothers finally released their long-awaited follow-up to their original Buck and Drake mockumentary.  The first film followed Buck and Drake as they searched for the existence of ghosts.  The next film skips parts 2 and goes straight to the end of the trilogy: “Buck and Drake 3: Buck to the Future”.  As the title affirms it is a time-travel mockumentary.  Watch the full movie here.

In August 2013, Tim & David produced a music video for their Michael Jackson / Lord of the Rings parody song “Middle Earth Song”.  Watch the performance here.

Also in August, Tim & David worked with Tim’s son Michael to produce a sequel to his short film “Monster in the Woods”.  The follow-up is called “Zombie in the Woods” and is viewable here.

Christmas 2013 saw the 3rd Gilleand Brothers Christmas Special called “Christmas Jeopardy”.  The brothers participate in a homemade and GB-specific version of the classic game show as well as other special surprises.  Check it out here.

Onto this year – 2014.  In May, Unity returned with a brand-new single called “Strong” featuring an exciting lyric video by David Gilleand.  Check that out here.

Also in May, Grace With Salt (Tim’s apologetics ministry) released its first YouTube videos.  The first video was a reproduction of a live event on NOAH Tim presented at his church earlier in the year.  The 50-minute presentation answers all the major questions about Noah and the flood defending it as an actual historical event.  That video can be watched here.  The 2nd video is a 2-hour debate Tim held with an atheist over Google Hangouts.  Check that out here.

In August 2014, after spending two years completing his masters and one year interning, Tim opened his own counseling center out of his church.  Learn more about Courageous Counseling Center here.

Also in August, Tim and his son Michael launched a brand-new creation-based kids’ online show called “Mike’s Creation Catalog”.  In each episode Mike details one of his many pets, gives useful information, and ties it all into a Christian worldview.  To date Mike has done five episodes featuring turtles, salamanders, hamsters, and more.  Stay updated when new episodes are released at this post.

In November 2014, Timothy Michael released his first album of brand-new solo material since 2005.  A praise and worship collection called “Joyful Noises”.  The 80-minute, 22-song album features a lot of the songs Tim does on a weekly basis as worship leader at Sonlight Fellowship Wesleyan Church.  You can download that full album for free here.

Creativity will always remain a part of the heart of TMG Productions as we move into another generation.  Hopefully we will continue to bring you new exciting endeavors for years to come.  Stay tuned!!


Timothy Michael releases new worship album: Joyful Noises

In October, Timothy Michael released a surprise brand new 80-minute, 22-song worship album called “Joyful Noises” online for FREE!

The album features many of the songs Tim has done on a weekly basis as the worship leader at Sonlight Fellowship Wesleyan Church for the past 8 years.  The album also includes several cover songs, refurbished older recordings, and two originals including the brand-new “Boycott this Song” – a controversial conservative anthem.

Download the full album here: 

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Mike’s Creation Catalog [kids show]

TMG Productions in association with Grace With Salt has begun production on a new web series featuring Tim’s 10-year-old son called “Mike’s Creation Catalog”.  In each episode Mike details interesting facts and stories about one of his various pets, and also how they fit in with God’s creation.  Follow THIS POST on GraceWithSalt to stay up to date with new episodes as they are released.


Grace With Salt: 2 new video posts

Tim’s apologetics ministry Grace With Salt has published two new YouTube videos. The first is a video re-creation of Tim’s NOAH talk he gave at his church in March. The talk was so popular many people requested a video version to share with their friends. The second is an audio podcast of a 2-hour debate Tim had over GoogleHangouts with an atheist. Check them both out below: